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Pure Hate Presents 000 : Hel.iv - Kozlov
Mindenkinek: 3.000 HUF 23:00-09:00 között

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For our first venue we're going to bring two of the strongest techno terrorist from France.

Hel.iv will bring the demonic sounds and screams in the night.
Hel.iv is a mysterious artist defining a universe built on ancient and occult traditions. His visceral music always carried by transcendent choruses gives a moment to the damned to focus on their inner self.

K Ø Z L Ø V can turn any place into a factory ruin with his industrial sounds.
Florian Kozlowski aka Kozlov, was born in 1995 near Paris. Passionate about electronic sounds of all kinds since his adolescence, it does not take long to buy his equipment to mix and thus promote its attachment to music. He really discovered techno when he was 18 on a trip to Croatia during a summer festival, and literally fell in love with this world completely different from what he knew. «When l was in Croatia I did not expect to feel this feeling with people, the atmosphere of these parties and what it releases His passion for music turned to Techno and at 22 he decided to produce, to share with the world his tracks and his definition of techno. He released several EP, Various Artists, and launched his own Bandcamp/Soundcloud to share with his fans his latest creations.

You can recognize both of our guests from well known channels just like HARD VISION , HATE LAB , Green Fetish Records or The Techno's Children

Next to our two guests you will hear two of our Hungarian residents.

ROT will bring the darkness with his bass and kick centric tracks.

And NeedForSpeed who will show what's inside her in her first gig.

We also having a live performance by Davie & The Factory Of Davie

"Lilith is exactly the persona you want to show up and play with you.

Lilith is exactly the persona I want to show up and play with me.

Lilith was born from tears in a box called pollution.

I am Lilith.

Your love. Your enemy. Your whore. Your saint. Your partner. Your teacher. Your mirror. The ruined. The haggard. The addict. Purity. Purity.

I am Lilith.

I am Lilith.

Let's go out and play!"


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