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Stílusok: Acid, Break, Chill, Dub, Hip-hop, Minimal, Tech House


Azt mondják őrült vagyok! Tudom és élvezem... #1000arc, it means thousand face. Yes, I probably play lot of kind of music at all. From sitting in the chill, staring at the clouds to jumping on a party in peak time. The first and almost the only reason for me to buy a record (yes you got it right - I play vinyl, only) feel the spirit in it. Styles that I like: triphop, worldmusic, etno, breakbeat, house, techhouse, techno, psytrance, progressive trance When I'm mixing the most important for me to do the wave, ofcourse I play with the crowd but I start in the begining and finish at the end. The energy which I can give this is the point... I have some instrumental project as well. I play percussion instrument as conga and jembe. My first group was Etnograf, we played worldmusic, with some chilly and lounge flavor. My second group is Stereopartizan, we traveled around Europe, with or balkan electric tune.